What I Eat In A Day Healthy + Easy Vegan Recipes

What I eat in a day healthy & easy vegan recipes / meal ideas that are quick, cheap and filling! Healthy, DIY and affordable vegan / vegetarian food recipes and meals ideas to lose weight. Plant based, healthy and cruelty free. You can also meal prep these easy vegan / vegetarian recipes in advance for ultimate organisation for a healthy week of eating for weight loss!

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HEALTHY VEGAN COOKIE RECIPE – (IF YOU CAN’T FIND VEGAN CHOCOLATE USE DRIED CRANBERRIES OR RAISINS) http://www.hattiegraham.com/2016/08/simple-healthy-chocolate-oat-cookies.html

Hi! I’m Hattie, I am a plant based nutrition student from the UK. I make videos about health, veganism, minimalism and lifestyle! Please subscribe if you are interested in any of those topics so you don’t miss an upload!

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– I believe in basing dietary advice on evidence, if you need a reference then just ask.

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