Vegetarian Vegan Lahmajoun Recipe – Heghineh Cooking Show

Heghineh Cooking Show – Vegetarian Vegan Lahmajoun Recipe
Lahmajoun is one of the few meat based dishes, that my vegetarian daughter used to miss. For those who never tried Lahmajoun, it a delicious appetizer/ dish that’s made with spiced ground meat and thin bread dough. Some call it Armenian pizza, although there’s no cheese included. I already made the original Lahmajoun video tutorial last year, by my Instagram and Facebook followers request. It’s uploaded on my YouTube channel, so check it out if you like . This vegetarian Lahmajoun recipe was written especially for my daughter, but I had to share it with everyone else who may be willing to try this vegan- vegetarian version.
Hope you guys try my recipe of “meatless” Lahmajoun , I can guarantee you’ll love it !

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