Vegan Macaroons Biscuit Recipe- Best I’ve Ever Tasted ! [2018]

Taken from the book
Kirkland Maple Syrup the best, £11 in store, or you can get it on Amazon too

I have a website with all my recipes on
Youtube Channel:
Instagram: cooking_with_sharon

My channel is a mixture of recipes, what I eat in a day, general vlogs which also include my hobbies…. auctions and shopping – clothes shopping and food shopping – I do like a yellow sticker bargain!

I started out my channel on the slimming world plan and cooked meat, vegetarian and some vegan dishes.

I have now changed the channel vegan! Popular with some, unpopular with most!

I am to cook everything from fresh, sharing hints and tips along the way, the odd swear word and the occasional rant.

My videos are unedited, take me as you find me, hair unbrushed, no makeup, a sink full of washing up and a huge labradoodle in the kitchen hoping for some lucky scraps, or to just steal off the worktop when nobody is looking – he’s been busted on camera ! Love him.

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