Kharkol Bata – Grandma’s Old Recipe Kharkol Pata Bata – Bengali Vegetarian Recipe

Here is another Grandmas old forgotten recipe Kharkol bata. Kharkol pata bata is a very delicious Bengali veg food. Just try this Bengali grandma’s lost recipe and let me inform your experience.

Ingredients of Kharkol Bata:
1. Kharkol leaves (2 or 3 bundles).
2. Black cumin seeds (½ tsp).
3. Slitted green chilli (5 no).
4. Salt (as per your taste).
5. Sugar (as per your taste).
6. Garlic pods (7-8 pods).
7. Mustard oil (1 tbsp).
Methods of how to cook Kharkol Pata Bata:
1. First take a mixi jar.
2. Addgarlic, green chilli and black cumin seeds. Make a paste.
3. Add kharkol leaves. Paste again.
4. Now heat rhe pan and add 1 tbsp mustard oil in it.
5. Add the kharkol paste.
6. Add salt and sugar as per your taste.
7. Then fry it in high flame for approx 8 to 10 min.
8. When it will become dry then put off gas oven.
9. Serve kharkol bata with hot steamed rice.

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