I really fancied a Chinese takeaway one night but the indecisiveness that I experienced after starring at the takeaway menu for so long coupled with the fact that the last time I ordered I still found pork in my rice I gave up on the idea.

I thought why not just quickly knock something up with a few bits and bobs I had leftover. I cooked the rice beforehand and left it to cool. Prepared all my vegetables and then attempted to film this video.

Have you tried to make any sort of stir fry with one hand and then film it with the other. No me neither as the video goes on so does the mess on my cooker. As always I do not do measurements and such I just go with what I fancy until it taste right.

I’m not of the thinking that there is a right and wrong way of cooking and feel that we can learn something new from each other. So I hope my antics inspire you to get your pans out and to get cooking! Enjoy xXx

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