Steak With Mushroom Gravy! Mike Makes An Easy Dinner Recipe!

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Steak With Mushroom Gravy! Mike Makes An Easy Dinner Recipe!

In today’s show, Mike will be making an easy Steak With Mushroom Gravy recipe. This is a quick and easy dinner recipe that makes a great way to use leftover steak, roast or beef and it is easy to adapt to your needs!

The recipe includes steak and mushrooms and onions in a yummy gravy!

Steak and Mushroom Gravy Recipe

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  • There are PROVEN chemicals in the ingredients in Taco Bell that make you crave their food, same as a lot of places like McDonald’s etc. just info that I thought I’d share

  • Ellie is so cute. Such a nice personality. Yes, Ellie – go for it. Cut your own hair. I do mine all the time and am much happier because I get what I want, save all that money and the time. Go for it! And bangs would be cute. And you hair looks like my texture. Shorter will make it fluff up more if that is what you want.

  • You guys are awesome, your husband has a beautiful personality you are blessed.

  • I have a book on how to cut your own hair and I cut my own bangs

  • Yes come to Idaho!! We live in Rathdrum, which is right between Spirit Lake and Coeur d' Alene!!

  • Psych is a fun watch! Enjoy! 🙂

  • What about a house with 2 kitchens?

  • Your recipe looks really good. Have you heard (it's been on the news now for 2 days) that chocolate is going to become extinct??? Thoughts???

    I love Monk too, as well as NCIS (the original and the New Orleans one) and Bones, have most of all of those on DVD.

  • I hear bangs are in for 2018

  • Hunting in North Dakota can be cheap if you get a gratis license for the land you own or rent as a farmer. All you have to pay for is the ammunition and the freezer paper if you butcher it yourself. Thank you for all of your great advice and recipes!

  • Looks delicious !! Will be using this recipe !

  • "Ppl behind us are nutjobs." 😂 I just love you guys-you make me feel better on those crappy days. Thank you 😚

  • Bangs would be cute, but they are the hardest to do yourself

  • The winters aren't really that bad in Wisconsin. I am a widowed 60 something woman and shovel or run the snowblower when needed. If we get too much snow then you rely on neighbors who have a 4 wheeler with a plow blade or a pick up with a plow blade. People seem to think it is really bad. It would be worse to live near the great lakes especially on the eastern sides of the lakes because of the lake effect snow. We do tend to make things seem worse than they are. Right now in the central portion of the state where I live we have less than 6 inches of snow on the ground, so…

  • Hate that I missed the live show 🙁
    My husband and most of his friends hunt and I (and my husband also) agree with you- it is a hobby with a bonus of meat but not a money saver.
    Ellie- bangs would be so cute! I like "Hair 101 with April" on youtube for her tutorials. Can't wait to see what you decide 🙂
    Tawra, it's too bad you hate the heat- I would love to have you guys come to SC and it is so much cheaper here.
    On barking dogs- I feel your pain!! My neighbor takes in foster dogs and birds. She almost always has some sort of dog barking the night away in their new environment. As soon as they settle in, they rotate out and a new one comes in and barks all night long again. It is frustrating…
    It was fun to watch Mike cook and the recipe looks good. I love your cook book 🙂

  • Tawra, do  you ever overspend and have to recheck yourself and focus back on spending less?  I feel like I did that this week and I feel so bad that I didn't watch my spending.  I'm so mad at myself. How do you deal with it?

  • Yes I agree, hunting can get expensive! I don't but my husband does. ~Crystal

  • Elli, Cut your own hair.  Don't go to short to start.  It will grow if you don't like it.  I cut my own hair a lot, not always but most times.  Tawra, I love the cookbook and can't wait for the new one!  Mike, great cooking skills!  Great show family!!  Sorry I missed the live show.

  • You may like this recipe also.I take cube steaks and I brown them in a skillet that I have fried some bacon first.Then when they are nice and crispy you put a can or two of cream of mushroom soup.Let simmer.Simply delicious!

  • Hi Tara, just wondering what kind of pan you were using that could withstand that kind of scraping with the metal spoon? I use stainless steel pans because I am afraid of the Teflon being scraped into my food. I know there are some non-stick pans out there, that can handle the scraping.

  • This is such a great recipe!  My husband will love this!  All of your recipes are delicious and inexpensive.  Elle's hair looks great growing out.  Maybe wispy bangs would work.  I can see that for her lifestyle a pony tail would be helpful.  If she wants volume, then just bend over and dry the roots first.

  • Tawra is talking about people who take "hunting trips". My father in-law saved because he hunted in his local area and didn't have to take a trip and camp or lodge somewhere. He simply left in the morning shot his deer and headed home. He did pay processing which is still pretty cheap when you consider you get steaks out of the deer.

  • I love watching your family dynamic. You guys are awesome. It is so clear how much time you have invested in being loving and present parents. 😍

  • kitchen bouquet is a great finishing sauce and it also colors the gravy and if you use just a little, it is perfection! The more you use, the darker it gets. God bless.

  • I think full bangs are more of an effort and takes longer to grow out. I personally would consider a wispy bang. Wispy bangs are less maintenance, less hair that needs to be cut to give you the “bang” look and easy to “pin back” if want them out of your way when exercising. Side swoop bangs are great too unless you part your hair in the middle! Check out Pinterest for inspiration! Let us know what you decide! Also, when I was younger, I was able to go to a chain salon like Great Clips for bangs and the cost was always cheaper than a haircut, but that’s been about 15 years. 😎

  • Don't be penny wise and pound foolish Ellie. There is a time to spend and a time to save. Pay someone to cut it the first time. After that you can try maintain the cut. Also a good stylist will give you better advice than we can.

  • Ellie have you ever considered a pixie cut? Great for active folks like yourself. Terrific for gals with a high forehead and if you have thin hair it's a great way to create sweeping bangs, too!

  • Ellie's hair style frames her face beautifully right now. The length and the layers emphasizes her pretty face! Keep the hairstyle for a little bit and use bandannas/exercise head bands.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about Jill's pipes! It's been such an unusual year! We are feeling it too in Canada!

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