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  • I've seem more of your videos than most of your fans. But it's ashamed that more people don't seem to go back and re-watch more of your videos that they have never seen to discover new dishes or to learn the techniques in making them for skills. This dish still stuns me in simplicity yet with allot of techniques. As well reminds me i still need to make this… very soon. I've made well of 50+ dishes of yours now. However it also reminds me that i've yet to find purple potatoes. However I can make it with just the regular finger potatoes regardless. I think you should also try to remaster and update in some way some these classic dishes of yours few people have ever seen with a new twist to the dish in some way. After all few people have seen them. Few are the fans that will ever know or can tell the similarities or settle differences in two dishes you've made over vast period of time since they likely to never have seen the first.

  • WoW WoW What a simple and elegant dish. Have never heard of purple potatoes before let alone seen them. That Salad was awesome as was it simple with flavor. The chicken technique to poach and then sear it was very nice as was the dressing. WoW Awesome! Have to make this too.聽

  • You can, but its not necessary. I used a good quality extra virgin olive oil. that is all you need.

  • Would you suggest adding some vinegar to the potato salad? I like a little tanginess to balance out the olive oil.

  • wow never seen purple potatoes before…Looks light and nice. Thanks!

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