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Hello friends, today we are going to learn how to make homemade yam chips or yam fries using Ratalu which is known as Yam in English. These yam chips are so crispy and delicious that is really impossible to resist oneself. Ratalu / purple yam chips is a crispy chips recipe which is super easy to prepare is equally loved by both kids and elders because of its crunch and tangy flavor due to the chaat masala that we sprinkle on it after frying.
For this quick and easy snack recipe, I am using purple yam, which in English alone has many other common names, such as Dioscorea alata, greater yam, white yam or simply Yam. It is a tuberous root vegetable. These tubes may be of vivid violet or bright lavender in colour but sometimes it may be plain white.
Purple yam is a healthy and delicious, earthly vegetable which has a grayish brown skin and light purple flesh. Purple yam nutritional value is very high and is very healthy vegetable.
So let’s quickly see how to make this crispy chips recipe or yam fries recipe.

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