Quick & easy Bread kulfi (Ice cream) recipe in Hindi with English subtitles (Pista badam kulfi)

Quick, Easy and Instant bread kulfi recipe – A delicious frozen Indian dessert with bread slices and condensed milk with saffron and almond flavor. Bread Kulfi is very delicious and easy to make.

In this video, I have showed you how to make “KULFI” using bread.
Its not complicated and easy to cook at home. We don’t even need that many ingredients. All the ingredients are usually available at home.

1. Slices of bread dipped in milk for 20-25 minutes

2. 1 Cup of full fat cream

3. 1 Cup of condensed milk

4. Sliced small pieces of cashews, nuts & almonds

To start with – first we will add the prepared mixture of bread and milk to the blender.

Add cream & condensed milk to the blender ..

Add little bit of blended bread/milk mixture to the blender to ease out the blending process.

Transfer it to the big bowl and mix it well with already prepared bread/milk blended mixture.

condensed milk is already very sweet so I didn’t add any sugar. If you feel like adding more sugar .. you can add it as per your taste. just keep in mind one thing.. if you want to add more sugar then add sugar to the milk before mixing it here.

Sprinkle the sliced dry fruits ( Cashews, nuts or almonds)

Mix it well

Take a tray / container. Sprinkle sliced dry fruits on the tray / container.

Now Add the bread kulfi mixture we prepared.

Sprinkle some more sliced cashews, nuts & Almonds on the top.

Its almost ready and I will keep it in the freezer for 5-7 hours.

Pull it out from the freezer after 7 hours and its ready to serve.

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