Vada Curry | Vada Curry Recipe in Tamil | Side dish for Idli

In this video we will see how to make Vada Curry in Tamil. Vada curry recipe is quite easy to make and is an excellent side dish for idli / dosa / chapathi. Whenever Vadacurry is served along with chutneys or sambar, I always finish vada curry the first. Masala Vada tastes great and a curry made out of that is simply awesome. It is great method for using left over masala vada and converting it into a delicious gravy. I have added some coconut to add thickness and richness to the curry but you can skip it if you don’t like the taste of coconut.

Friends please do make this vada curry at home and serve it with hot idlis / dosas. Also please share your feedback in the comments below.

For detailed Vada curry recipe please visit:-

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