The “King” Kong Of Hokkien Mee Is In Klang !

Klang’s  Half Century Hokkien Mee Stall 
This video takes you to the royal town of Selangor, Klang, to unveil a half century (50 years) old Hokkien mee stall that is a landmark in itself. Located near Jalan Kapar, Kai Kee Mee is operated by a 78-year old master chef Mr Kong. He has been operating his well-known stall serving Hokkien mee at different locations over the years and now at Jalan Kapr. Indeed, he started to learn the trade at a young age of 15 and intends to continue till over 80. His Hokkien mee has been adhering to the same recipe that he has been using all these years. The proof of his lasting existence is proof that his recipe is well accepted. Besides the main dish Mr Kong also serves other noodles and caters to a nite crowd from 6pm till past mid-nite at 1:30 am, especially the late cinema goers in search of a good supper. So, come early. Otherwise you have may have to wait in queue for 30-45 minutes for your order !

In this video there is also a tribute to two other rare old-timers, one age 76 and the other who are twins of 85 and 83, who are still actively running their food stalls in Penang. At their age most of us would have retired or have health problems. Not them. Imagine the decades that they have been at their trade, obviously not for financial gain but to satisfy their true passion to serve good food. We should all salute their efforts !    

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