Spicy Shikari Mutton – Simple and Tasty Recipe | Traditional Indian Mutton Curry Recipes

A simple, tasty, easy recipe for a dinner meal, this delicious, spicy, Shikari Mutton requires very little effort and few ingredients! This curry goes best with a Roti or a Paratha.

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Ingredients Required:
– Ghee / घी – 4 Tbsp
– Bay Leaf / तेज पत्ता – 2 Small
– Dry Red Chillies Kashmiri / कश्मीरी लाल मिर्च- 10 or to Taste
– Dry Red Chillies Byadagi / ब्यादगी लाल मिर्च- 10 or to taste
– Cinnamon / दालचीनी – 1 stick
– Star Anise / चकरी फूल (स्टार अनीस)- 1 star
– Cloves / लौंग – 2 Sticks
– Salt / नमक – 1 Tbsp or to taste
– Cumin Seeds / जीरा – 1 tsp
– Coriander Seeds / खड़ा धनिया- 1 tsp
– Garlic Pods / लहसुन – 12-15 (Crushed Slightly)
– Ginger / अदरक – 1.5 inch Jullienned
– Water / पानी – 500 ml
– Sugar / शक्कर – 1 Tbsp
– Mutton / मटन – 1 kg

Utensils Required:
– Pressure Cooker
– Mortar and Pestle
– Spatula

– Wash the mutton thoroughly with water and drain all the excess water. Ensure that you wash off all the excess blood and dirt. If you don’t like fat you may trim it with a sharp knife, however, if you don’t mind fat in your dish, the fat will melt once heated.
– Heat ghee in a pressure cooker – you may use both cold ghee and melted ghee. The ghee adds a delightful flavour to the dish. Be generous, as this is the main ingredient in the recipe.
– Once the ghee is hot, add the Cumin seeds and Coriander seeds. Let them sizzle to help release all their flavours.
– Then add the Cloves, Star Anise, Bay Leaves and Cinnamon. Stir the mixture in ghee. You may add other spices if you like.
he crush some Garlic Pods with the help of a mortar and pestle, to help release their flavours and it to the pressure cooker. You may also use a knife to crush the garlic pods.
– Finally, add some julienned Ginger and the dry Red Chillies. The Kashmiri chillies aren’t very hot and help add colour to the mutton whereas the Byadagi chillies are hot and help add spice to the gravy, –
– You may add more or fewer chillies depending on how spicy you want your mutton. Ensure that you break the chillies before adding them to the pressure cooker as it helps to add colour to the mutton.
– Mix all the ingredients well and coat them in the ghee.
– Add sugar to help caramelise the gravy. Stir the mixture until the sugar melts. You may even use diced onions to caramelise the gravy. In case you use diced onions, saute them until they are soft and translucent.
– Add the mutton, and then some salt to taste. Mix the mutton well and coat it evenly with the ghee.
– Finally add a little water to help the mutton cook. Ensure that you do not add too much water but just enough to help the mutton cook, as this dish does not have much gravy.
– Cover the pressure cooker, and let it cook for 5-6 whistles. You may cook for more or less depending on how you like your meat. You may also cook it in an open pan, however this will take longer to cook.
– Once your mutton is cooked, open the pressure cooker. If there is excess gravy, you may continue cooking the mutton without shutting the pressure cooker to dry up the gravy.
– Serve with roti or paratha for best results!

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