Seared Onion with Honey Lime Mint Side Dish by Traeger Grills

Get this Grilled Onion with Honey Lime Mint recipe, and more grilling and smoking ideas here: This quick and easy grilled side dish will have your mouth watering, not your eyes, so no protective eyewear or nose plug necessary! Sweet, fresh-cut, wood-fired, onions are the perfect vegetable to accompany any barbecued meat. Sweet onions are high in water content and low in sulfur, which lets the sweetness dominate the spice. Combining the onion’s tangy, sweet flavor with the infusion of hardwood smoke you’ve got a delicious addition to any tantalizing Traeger recipe. So take your meal out to your outdoor kitchen and craft a delicious dinner.

As the onion is the most used cooking ingredient in the world, we’ve upped the ante and made it a delicious seared side dish. Whatever zesty onion you choose, Walla Walla, Vidalia, white, red or yellow, all are fully flavored and will Traeger grill to tender perfection. When cutting the onion, remember to keep the end root intact so your onion will remain a chunk and not fall to pieces. By cutting large chunks, and brushing on the glaze, you won’t have to break out your protective glasses for this savory little side dish. Paired with Dijon spiciness, sweet honey, and zesty lime glaze, the flavors burst for a succulent surprise. Top with chopped mint and you’ll think these grilled onions are the main course — better make some extras. The perfectly smoked grilled onion will have a touch of char on the onion tips and bonus– wood-fired flavor. So stay home and the hardwood pellets do all the hard work.

Traeger wood-fired grilling generates the most robust, flavorful, smoked food. It’s the original wood-fired tastes that will vamp up any easy dinner recipe for two or for a crowd. Traeger has the finest hardwoods from across the country to fuel our amazing flavors. Use your Traeger for all your summer outdoor cooking– smoke, bake, roast, braise, barbecue, and grill all your meals flawlessly. We have dinner recipes for any of your favorite meats and grilled vegetables. Get ready to bbq with all your friends: Stay in and let the hardwood do all the hard work.

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Take a look at for the most over the top ways to use your all in one grill this summer. If you are cooking a single serving or for a posse, we’ve got your meal plan all lined up.

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