Indian Style Malai Chicken Recipe – YouTube | Tasty Malai Chicken Wrap | Easy Chicken Slider Recipe

Indian Style Malai Chicken, Easy and Tasty Malai Chicken Wrap / Slider recipe
►How to marinate and cook Indian Style Malai Chicken and make Malai Chicken Faltbread Sliders

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1 cup = 250 ml; Tbsp. = Tablespoon = 15 ml; tsp. = teaspoon = 5 ml
Malai Chicken
This malai chicken Indian style is melt in your mouth recipe, can be served in many ways, as an appetiser, main course or as a flatbread slider, made with marinated chicken with various different ingredients and then cooked through until lightly browned, its packed with flavour in every bite

300g Chicken (boneless)
1 Egg
1 ½ Tbsp. Yogurt
2 Tbsp. Cooking Cream
1 ½ Tbsp. Spreadable Cheese
1 Tbsp. Ginger/Garlic Paste
1 Green Chilli (finely chopped)
¼ tsp. White Pepper Powder
1 ½ Tbsp. Lemon Juice
1 Tbsp. Cornflour
½ tsp. Kasuri Methi (dried) [Fenugreek Leaves]
Cooking Oil
Coriander (finely chopped) [for garnishing]
Salt to Taste

Serves: 4 -6
Preparation Time: 30 mins (Overnight Marination)

Malai Chicken Flatbread Sliders
These Malai chicken flatbread sliders are simple, delicious and perfect for light lunch or dinner to keep your family or guests satisfied, made by wrapping mild boneless chicken pieces and topped with onion, tomato, lettuce and yogurt mint chutney

8 Flatbread* [Recipe:]
2 Tomatoes (sliced)
1 Onion (sliced)
6 Lettuce Leaves (shredded)
Mayonnaise (to spread)
½ cup Mint Chutney* [Recipe:]
2 Tbsp. Yogurt
*[Flatbread & Mint Chutney recipes are available on my YouTube channel]

Makes: 8
Preparation Time: 10 mins

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