【Korean Food】 Steamed Eggs Side-dish (GyeRanJjim=계란찜)

👉 Please check my Korean words that I used in my video in this description box.

🌸Today, I will make a popular Korean side-dish using eggs called gyeranjjim. It is very simple to make and delicious, so many Koreans like to eat this on a daily basis. It is simple to make, but it is not easy making it perfectly – if you want it soft, fluffy, and savory. It is very important to use the right ratio of ingredients and it is critical to control the cooking temperature and time for perfection. To share a great recipe with you, I made this recipe several times to get all of the measurements and times just right. So, you can just follow my instructions to get an amazing gyeramjjim. 🙂

🌼 Yield: 4 Servings

🌿 Main Ingredients:

6 Eggs (2 Pinches Salt & ¼ tsp Sugar)
1 tsp Green Onion
½ tsp Carrot

🌿 Broth Ingredients

1 Cup Water
2 Dried Kelp (1X1 inch) http://amzn.to/2gSum6S
1 tsp Three Crabs Brand Fish Sauce (or ¼ Generous tsp Salt) http://amzn.to/2yC856v

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✏️ Korean Words used in this video:

Steamed Egg Side-dish: GyeRanJjim (계란찜)

Korean Clay Pot: DdukBaeGi (뚝배기)

Water: Mul (물)

Dried Kelp: DaSiMa (다시마)

2 Minutes: IBun (이분)

On High: SenBul (센불)

Egg: GyeRan (계란) or DalGyal (달걀)

Salt: SoGeum (소금)

Sugar: SeolTang (설탕)

Green Onion: Pa (파)

Carrot: DangGeun (당근)

Fish Sauce: AkJeot (액젓)

1 Minute: IlBun (일분)

On Medium: JungGanBul (중간불)

4 Minutes: SaBun (사분)

Bottom: BaDak (바닥)

On Low: YakHanBul (약한불)

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