This is such a lovely recipe, one of my favorite late breakfasts this days – since I start my day with lots of water and some fresh fruits my proper breakfast time is around 11. As such, it is more of a brunch for me.

You can dress it nicely, put in small bowls and serve it after dinner as a dessert. It is also super healthy – no refined sugars or chemical sweeteners – I make it sweet with cooked banana and it works perfectly. Also as always for the toppings feel free to add whatever you’d like!

For my toppings:

I post easy, cheap and quick vegan recipes on Mondays and Thursdays! I love to cook healthy plant based meals that are suitable for every one starting from college students, package bento lunches to work, ending with whole family dinners and fat loss meals! I hope you will find something interesting here! I am also planning to make series of videos on HCLF recipes, raw foods, and health benefits of veganism and vegan foods!

Check this out!
★ The Speech That Started It All:

Track Info:
• Title: Twin Shine
• Artist: Silent Partner
• Genre: Dance & Electronic
• Mood: Funky
• Length: 2:9
• Instruments: drums, bass, electric guitar, synth, organ
• Download:…

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