Sitaphal Basundi by Archana – Sitaphal Basoondi – Authentic Indian Dessert Recipe

“It’s easier to make Sitaphal Basundi at home, than you think. Sitaphal Basundi is served in weddings, mostly in Maharashtra and people crave for it. Now no more visits to sweet shops or wait for weddings to have Sitaphal Basundi as Archana decides to teach you how to make a sitaphal basundi and makes it quiet easier to prepare. An easy, simple yet delicious sweet.

Watch and learn from the best as she demonstrates in Marathi with English Subtitles.

Ingredients to make Sitaphal Basundi:

1) 200 gm Milkmaid (Steamed in a cooker for 25 whistles)
2) 1 1/2 Sitaphal (Custard Apple)
3) 1 tbsp Milk Masala (take Almonds + Pistachio + Cashews in equal parts, half crush them in a grinder and add Elaichi powder & Kesar)
4) Chopped Almonds

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