Recipe in Hindi – Gulab Jamun Recipe in Hindi – Indian Dessert Recipe in Hindi – गुलाब जामुन रेसिपी

Recipe in Hindi. Watch gulab jamun recipe in Hindi. It is an Indian dessert recipe in Hindi by Sonia Goyal. दिवाली एवं विभिन्न त्यौंहारों के लिए गुलाब जामुन रेसिपी हिन्दी में देखिये.

Learn how to make gulab jamun recipe in this youtube tutorial of Indian dessert recipe in Hindi by Sonia Goyal.

Gulab Jamun is a deep fried khoya based dessert recipe which sweetened with sugar syrup.

Sonia Goyal is telling in this recipe in Hindi that the dough of the gulab jamun is prepared by mixing khoya and maida flour together, then shaped into small balls and deep fried on low flame until golden brown. These small balls have been stuffed with chironji and green cardamom powder. At the end of the recipe, balls have been immersed in sugar syrup for an hour which is flavoured with green cardamom powder.

Watch this gulab jamun recipe in Hindi till end and try it this week to add an Indian traditional sweet dish Gulab Jamun in your weekend menu!

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