No Bake Mint Chocolate Dessert Bites Protein Treats by Nutracelle

Top ‘o the mornin’ to ya! Forget the lucky charms, they’re after me Lucky Buttons! 

These rounds of delicious, creamy, chocolatey, minty fun will have you so satisfied you’ll feel like frolicking through the fields for days. They’re tasty, healthy, and will even help you lose weight! 

Not only are they delicious and packed with whey protein, prebiotic fiber, and are perfect for everyone in your family – diabetics, too – but they’re an absolute blast to make!

We strongly suggest making multiple batches at once, because these scrumptious treats will NOT last long.  You can’t even blame the Leprechauns, either! You’ll be the one that can’t stop stealing them!  

With an incredible 5g of protein per button, and JUST 1g of sugar… you’ll be losing weight, gaining energy and treating yourself to these marvelous minty masterpieces!

Melanie went to work in her magical kitchen of rainbows and created these spectacular treats that you can enjoy, share, and love without having to worry about losing sight of your healthy lifestyle.

Kiss me, I’m _healthy._ Irish or not, these chocolate mint snacks will be perfect as a mid-day snack, dessert, or even “just because”! Don’t take our word for it, though.  Make them yourself and let us know how it goes!

We would LOVE to hear about your Lucky Buttons in the comments! 

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Protein Treats uses Nutracelle Protein Powder with 100% Whey Protein and Prebiotic Fiber because it’s the ideal protein for baking, AND it’s delicious! To learn more visit:

For ingredients directions and nutritional information please visit:

Happy St. Patty’s Day!!


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About Nutracelle:

Proudly made right here in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Free of added sugars, unhealthy chemical additives, Nutracelle is healthy and incredibly delicious. We use only the highest quality whey protein, prebiotic fiber from the chicory root, and healthy fats from flax seed, plus Nutracelle is even 100% nut-free and gluten-free! Learn more by visiting

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