Floating Island : Meringue, Custard & Caramel Sauce

how to make floating island dessert .step by step video recipe. The floating island dessert or (iles Flottantes in French) is a classic
French dessert that every French food lover should know. It is a composed of homemade French custard served with poached meringues and a drizzle caramel sauce.
it can be served equally as a family dish or can be dressed up and look like a star on the red carpet served in a cocktail glass.
When made from scratch that dessert is plain delicious and an absolute must try.

The ingredient list is tiny and you would never imagined that a real such a dessert can be made with so few ingredients.

Ingredients used in this video :

4 eggs ( separating egg white and egg yolks)
150 grams ( 3/4 cup) of sugar ( 50 grams for the meringue and 100 grams for the caramel sauce)
50 cl (16.9 Fluid oz) of full cream milk
Half a vanilla pod
50 ml (1.69 fluid oz) of water
a pinch of salt

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