Easy Cooking – Quick 5 Minutes Egg Dessert Anyone Can Make!

Easiest egg dessert that you can make at home in under 5 minutes time! All you need is egg, milk, sugar, and a microwave! Nothing fancy, but it’s a nice emergency food in case you are starving like shit and need something to dump into your mouth that actually taste good and fill your tummy at once!

Alternatives to those who do not have a microwave:
Do the same thing but put the bowl into a pot with a bit of water, and rise the bowl with something to steam it. Cover the bowl with film wrap over the top, and it should be ready in 10mins or so. Observe and move the bowl to see if it is firm enough to your likings. It’s really simple, and remember, cooking is very personal, you can adjust the formula anyway you like as long as you like the taste!

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