Bengali Malpua Recipe | Easy Bengali Sweet Dish | Indian Dessert – In Bengali

How to Prepare Bengali Malpua Recipe . Here is famous Bengali Malpua Recipe. Malpua is one of the popular Bengali Sweet. This is Easy recipe of Malpua and it one of my favorite homemade Bengali sweets recipes.

Ingredients :-

Plain Flour (maida) – 1 cups
Semolina (Suji) – 1 cups
Sugar – ½ cups
Milk – 1½ cups
Fennel powder – ¼ tsp

Green Cardamom – 3-4 pieces
Sugar – 1 cup (as per taste)
Water – 1 cup
White Oil/ Desi Ghee – 1 cup
saffon – 1/2 tsp

Pistachios chopped for garnishing

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