Chilli Cauliflower Recipe – Chilli Gobi – Restaurant Style Delicious Appetizer Recipe

Looking for Most Spicy Delicious Appetizer Food? Just cook this Mouthwatering Chilli Cauliflower or Chilli Gobi. It is also known as Chilli Phulkopi in Bengali. It is very simple, quick and easy vegan recipe for vegetarians. It made by fresh Cauliflower or Phulkopi, Spices, Sauces and other vegetables. Let’s watch how to make Chilli Phulkopi.

Cauliflower / Phulkopi / Gobi
Black Pepper Powder
Corn Flour – 3/4 Cup
Soya Sauce
Chopped Ginger
Slitted Green Chilli
All Purpose Flour / Maida – 1 Cup
Red Chilli Sauce
Tomato Ketchup
Red Chilli Powder
Chopped Garlic
Chopped Spring Onion
Refined Oil

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